.how to survive a fire.

"You can always fail at what you don’t love,
but don’t expect love to fix anything for you."


i temporarily fall in love with like any guy thats nice to me at all like the checkout guy at CVS told me to “stay dry” this morning bc it was raining and i thought about him for like 2 hours after that 

j.g. and the everlasting rebound.

my dear you made it clear
you don’t want someone to keep
just somebody to fuck who keeps their distance while you sleep
and i will play along
and try hard not to fall
i’d rather be an afterthought, than not a thought at all

and i wake up tired
with my mind on fire
at least the whiskey dulls my dreaming
so i can’t want you while i’m sleeping
getting by like this leaves much to be desired



i know i give white people a lot of shit but u guys are really nice. like when the light turns green and there’s a white pedestrian that’s almost across the street u guys always do that jog thing. i know it’s kind of insignificant but i appreciate it white people. u and ur half jog thing.

i think about this post every time i do the half jog thing


growing up is realizing that every single one of your problems is caused by you being a fucking idiot

Mid-run photo of the body of water that captured my heart and makes this city feel like ‘home’.

Darker Things, by Choir Vandals

St. Louis represent!!

white minivans and disappearing acts.

you used to keep my hair ties around your wrists
and my bobby pins littered your floor 
are there any left to be found
to remind you of me?

i can still feel the harsh, winter air
filling up your apartment 
barely kept at bay by a space heater
and the warmth of you body behind mine

we arranged ourselves on your futon
to avoid bruises from thick bars pushing through a thin mattress
while we listened to the same 5 songs on repeat
for hours
meanwhile your fingertips were wearing trails into my back